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Dub Charge

DubCharge V3 510 Thread Vaporizer Battery

DubCharge V3 510 Thread Vaporizer Battery

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The dual-port DubCharge battery allows for easy charging with your own cellular device cable and lessens the load of carrying additional wires. The Battery can be used with any 510 threading Cart/Vape. It was designed to meet all current challenges faced by batteries with the following features:

    • Pre-heat & heat modes

    • 15 second pulls

    • Pass-through charging allowing for charging & usage simultaneously

    • Dual Charging - compatible with USB-C and lightning port charging

    • 650mAh battery lasting up to 14 days

    • Light indicators updating battery life so you know when to charge up

    • Adjustable voltage with 4 settings to choose from (2.5V, 3.0V, 3.5V, and 4.0V)

    • 15 Minutes Auto Shutoff

*Please do not attempt to charge device with multiple chargers!
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